Chills N Grills | 16th Feb ‘20| Andheri West

So what exactly is Chills & Grills?

Well when 3WM started in Andheri West they had an open space unlike in Khar so with that came the idea of starting something very unique in the form of an open air electric grill Barbecue.

What makes Chills & Grills Special?

– The fact that you can have an open air BBQ  in Andheri West (a place most people struggle to see the sky at). Unlike other BBQ places in the city where all you do is Chill in one place and wait for your so called Grilled bbq to be served to you.

How does 3WM do it different?

– Like the heading suggest Open air BBQ which means you can actually Chill and walk around the place and make some new friends, take part in some group games or bound over some good food and drinks while you grove to the live music.

What about the Grilling part?


The Event Occurred

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